Hi, I’m Rich. I am a network and systems engineer with integration, administration, support and consulting experience. Passion for technology and problem solving fuels my ambition for digging into the details to solve complex problems. I have an expert level understanding of technology fundamentals and proven experience in various industries.

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Disable Touchpad Middle Button Emulation in Gnome

May 1, 2020

I first noticed a rather annoying problem when working in Ubuntu 19.10 using Google Chrome web-browser. I discovered if I inadvertently clicked the middle of my laptop touchpad instead of…

CPU-miner Installed via Windows OS Vulnerability

April 27, 2017

Update 5/6/2017:  Close port 445 and apply MS 17-010I have triaged a handful of Windows servers this week that started out being ticketed as high CPU / performance issues. Upon investigation, I have…

Fail2ban + fail2sql + Ban Hammer + PHP7

April 26, 2017

I recently revisited a project from some time ago that I found and modified the code to support PHP7 which dropped support for mysql extension in favor of mysqli. If you’re…